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Our Services:

In a business environment that is constantly changing from a tax & legal perspective - we endeavor to restore trust in the sector by bridging the gap between industry players  regulators in a  transparent & effective manner to ensure long-term growth.

To ensure that we effectively deliver our mandate to our esteemed clients, our consultants at Business Strategists & Custodians partner with freelance professional advocates to ensuring that we have the right blend of lawyers, consultants & financial advisors to help our clientele in developing efficient & commercially viable solutions to every problem they encounter. We help both organizations & individuals capitalize on their opportunities through the following lines of service:

1. Global Legal Solutions
2. Investment & Deal Advisory Tax
3. Tax Transformation
4. Family Office & Private Client
5. Immigration & Intellectual Property
6. Employment
7. Dispute Resolution & Controversy Solutions
8. Entity Governance & Compliance
9. Financial Tax Services
10. Mergers & Acquisitions

Why You Should Choose Us:

Our teams deploy our tax & legal strategies for the benefit of our clients across all disciplines & from every angle. Our professionals draw from our deep-industry knowledge, shared creativity, experience & diverse perspectives as they undertake their duties.

Our clients therefore not only have an access to a broad array of tax & legal services at one stop - but in addition, in order to address their concerns of greater sensitivity, we assemble dedicated teams that are expected to place the client first at all times as detailed in our Code of Conduct that each of our professionals subscribe to. The document sets out the the fundamental ethical principles & behaviors in a robust & comprehensive manner ensuring our employees are duty-bond in a professional setting.

Getting Started:

To access our broad array of services, request to have an account opened on this platform & our Front Desk Bureau will respond immediately & instruct you accordingly.

For swift processing, potential clients are requested to submit all their necessary details when prompted to create a profile during the account creation process.